Things To Know

I started Champions of Cosplay because I kept running across pictures on Tumblr of cosplayers who were amazing in one way or another, either in accuracy or concept of their costume, or just in how well they portrayed the character in the action of their shots. Or sometimes all three! And I wanted to acknowledge these cosplayers.

I’ve also begun posting progress on my own costumes along with tutorials I find, so that my followers and I can exchange tips and tricks with each other. There will also occasionally be advice on cosplaying and con attendance.

Now and then, I’ll also be posting photos from my own cosplay shoots, but I’ll be trying to keep that to a minimum since I’d rather give others the spotlight.

If you’re photo is up here and you want it taken down or want me to attach a source link, just go to my askbox, link to the entry, and nicely ask. I’ll have no objection doing it for you. Most photos are reblogged from elsewhere on Tumblr, save for a few very early on and whichever ones I will take myself.

Good Tags To Check

If you’re interested in my own cosplay adventures, you can find them under this tag;